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Professional Hard Floor Cleaning London

Expert hard floors cleaning in London are performed by our pros who are well-trained and highly experienced in making floors clean and beautiful. We use different conventional, high technology tools as well as equipment when doing their cleaning tasks. Our Hard Floor Cleaning London’s service have an ability and have the appropriate methods of cleaning different types of floors. We make the floor spotless without any signs of dirt and damage.

Hard Floor Cleaning London

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There are two kinds of Hard Floor Cleaning London Methods

Polishing – cleaners offer hard floor polishing by using a rotary machine. It creates less friction & heat making it safe for your floors. Cleaners are carrying their own equipment for this process. After polishing, they assure that there are no remaining wastes in the property. Polishing often includes dust mopping.

Buffing – buffing is needed depending on how dirty the floors are. Using the right cleaning machine entails you to work faster in RPM. Buffing is a cleaning method perfect for polishing hard floors.
Hard floor cleaning products we are using are non-toxic, safe, natural and friendly to the environment. The extracts of the pine and the citrus are effective and gentle on the floors. After hard floor cleaning London service it will give your home a fresh smell. They also adopt safety measures in hard floor cleaning such as the following:

– The signs of floor hazards
– The cleaners are professionally trained on how to operate the rotary machine
– The protective types of equipment

However, there are some specialist hard floor cleaners for different types of surfaces:

– Wood floor – there are various methods use in revitalising hardwood floors depending on the material and the condition of the floor:
– The cleaning of the surface and the buffing are required if the floor shows some sign of dirt.
– Sanding and resealing is best if the surface seals of the floor worn away, the dirt will ingrain in the wood and would require deep cleaning.
– If the wood floor is within a commercial property, we will suggest deep cleaning, probably stripping and polishing for full restoration.
– The stone and the state polishing – these methods require special attention because the bacteria and other deposits are penetrating deeply in the material when the time that the surface soiling is not visible to the eye. The cleaning specialist usually dots the following:
– Treats the floor with impregnation protector after the cleaning has done.
– Uses the modern emulsification, pressurised and the heat cleaning technology.
– Seals the surface to avoid the contaminants to penetrate in the floor.
– Helps you maintain and clean the floors easily.
– The Vinyl Floors – in these vinyl floors, these types are usually found in commercial buildings and it needs to be both efficient and to be safe. If the vinyl floor is in your home or your office the expert cleaners handle the following:
– We will be removing and soiling the bacteria by using the heat, emulsification and cleaning techniques.
– We will be completely extracting the grim and dirt.
– We will be applying the treatments successfully both in sealed and unsealed vinyl floors.

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