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Welcome the leading after builders cleaning service Islington service provider! We offer professional, efficient as well as full after builders cleaning service Islington and nearby areas. After a renovation project has been done, generally there’s a good deal of building site clearing up that could be daunting and time consuming. Once opening a new site in whichever area, the building has to be perfect and immaculate to make an amazing impact to clients. This is where after builders cleaning service is very helpful.

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After Builders Cleaning Islington: What you need to Know

The after builders cleaning service we offer is based on hour and comprehensively insured. The fact that this is an all inclusive service, first we need to assess the property so as to know the number of hours needed to complete the task and at the same time to provide a quote. With regards to a newly erected home or commercial building, we organize a free viewing on site. Once the job is minor, normally after refurbishing cleaning, we can provide a quote through phone, however the fine cost will be confirmed and definite on site.

Skilled After Builders Cleaning Islington Staff

Our after builders cleaning Islington cleaners are skilled and experienced in this kind of job and are well trained and armed with state of the art tools to start the job right away. Whether the problem is too much grout on your floors, removal of dirt and dust, fashioning windows we will give the place a builder’s clean, suitable for any showroom. We have years of experience in this kind of job. Our cleaners ensure the best and high quality cleaning standards in order to meet your needs.

We can also handle the cleaning of your site offices during the process of building to give a high quality environment. We understand the effect of having a clean and fresh working area has on efficiency. We view safety and health as an essential part of our job ethic, and posses the right certifications you’ll require. Our cleaners are well trained in safety and health procedures. They undergo regular refresher courses to ensure they uphold processes on the site. Our professional builder’s cleaners have the essential tools to perform remarkable cleaning services. They have specialized in an extensive after builders cleaning services like tile cleaning, window washing, upholstery as well as carpet cleaning.

Scope of after builders cleaning work take account of the following:

Mopping and hovering floors and stairs to get rid of dirt, dust, paint as well as plaster.

  • Hoovering of carpets in the sector of construction;
  • Cleaning your windows, sills as well as frames
  • Deep cleaning of your bathroom, which include de-liming and de-scaling of your tiles, showers as well as bathroom fixtures;
  • Kitchen surface areas deep cleaning, including in and outside of cupboards
  • Spot cleaning of ceilings and floors
  • Rubbish removal

Call us now and our friendly customer support personnel is always available to assist you arrange an after builders cleaning service in Islington.

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