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The New Super Efficient Jaguar 6.6 Carpet Cleaning Machine. Lighter, Quieter, More Versatile And Unbelievable Power.  Simply The Best Carpet Cleaning Machine You Will Ever Buy, Guaranteed.

The Jaguar 6.6 has been designed to follow on from the successful Scorpion XPS to reflect the professional requirements of the operator in 2011.

Can you handle the power?

The Jaguar is the first portable extractor in the world to use the new revolutionary 6.6 twin vacuums and the latest Ultra-Tech wind tunnel technology  combining high air flow and high lift, something not possible before in portables due to limits with previous motor design. You can now clean at beyond 150 ft, even without our exclusive Power Booster System. By using just two vacuums with much more performance this has allowed us more room to incorporate other new features.

Bigger Pump.

The new pump is now adjustable from 0-800 psi, its a Dual Capacitor drive motor unit with exceptional high flow rate, perfect for carpets or hard floors. A panel mounted psi gauge is also now standard.

The End of Buckets…

Auto waste pump out and auto water fill are new features in the Jaguar as standard, this allows the operator to run without worrying about filling or empting the machine, just attach a hose and the machine will fill up as it requires water, the waste water will pump out automatically, all while your making money cleaning.


At around 42kg the Jaguar is miles ahead of the competition, if your using the machine as a portable we all know stairs and access can be a major pain, even causing you injuries which in turn costs you money. When considering buying a machine always check the weight and how practical it is going up steps, the Jaguar excels when it comes to ease of maneuverability vs power.

Along with the above refinements and the excellent build quality, the internal design has been balanced for weight distribution along with a new adjustable handle design.

The Jaguar 6.6 has been designed taking into account the operating demands that the true professional will put it through. Its a real Workhorse that you can depend on job after job.

For cleaner and dryer carpets its got to be a Jaguar 6.6



  1. Twin Ultra-Tech Wind Tunnel Vacuum Motors with a built-in high-efficiency cooling system. These are proven & unique HP motors!
  2. Strategic external air venting allows cooler running operation
  3. Enclosed internal exhaust system displaces heat fast.
  4. High efficiency long life vacuum motors


  1. Large Commercial Dual Capacitor drive motor
  2. Large capacity pump with exceptional high flow rate
  3. Adjustable up to 0-800 P.S.I, with fitted gauge
  4. Very capable of cleaning hard floors as well as carpets!


a) Auto Waste Water Pump-Out:

  1. High flow at up to 18 LPM
  2. Clog resistant pump; finest ever made.
  3. Superior vertical Lint Filter; Easy Clean; reusable

b) Auto Clean Water Fill:

  1. High flow rated at up to: 26 LPM
  2. Float controlled avoids over filling.
  3. Simple straight forward design.


    • Solution:
      1. 60 Litre Solution
      2. Unique polished removable handle.
      3. View-through design allows operator to see water level.
      4. Handle also acts as a Hose & Cord carrier.
  • Vacuum:
    1. 56 Litre Recovery w/ air-flow optimum direct baffled lid.
    2. View-through design allows customer to see dirty recovery.
    3. Flo-through non-obstructed lint filters/floats keeps air moving.
    4. Accommodates either 1 1/2″, or 2″ vacuum hoss


  1. Front- 3″ (8cm) swivel locking smooth rolling
  2. Rear- 10″ (26cm) rigid smooth rolling


  1. Weight: approx 42Kg. empty; balanced distribution.
  2. Measures: 34″h x 30″l x 18″ w (86cm x 76cm x 46cm)